Eradicate Ex Machina

from Aa3 Corp.

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'Eradicate Ex Machina' is a tumultuous, unrestrained exploration into malfunctioned electronics. Written by New York-based Rose Knapp aka Starving Poet the release takes a freeform, improvisational approach, from the butchered swung rhythms of 'La Cosa Nostra' to the space- gaze abrasions of 'E-Fürther Futurist Flight'. RN500 have also contributed a frenetic re-imagining of 'La Cosa Nostra', retaining the relentless energy of the original with strictly regimented jackhammer drums and screen-shattered glitch.

'Eradicate Ex Machina' is available as a USB release, a number of which have been re-purposed from London's financial district.

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